Südtirol Kalterersee Auslese DOC Oberpreyhof

Pressed from the best Vernatsch (Schiava) grapes. A fine and fruity wine with an intense, fiery, ruby-red colour and a typical flavour with slight hints of raspberries, cherries and almonds. It is harmonious, rounded and balanced on the... more »

Südtiroler Grauvernatsch DOC Oberpreyhof

Pressed from the Grauvernatsch (Schiava Grigia) grape, possibly the oldest and most precious variety of the Vernatsch (Schiava) grape. A fine and fruity wine with an intense ruby-red colour and a typical flavour with slight hints of raspberries... more »

Südtiroler Lagrein DOC Oberpreyhof

Pressed from the autochthonous Lagrein grape variety, this is a full-bodied, structured wine, with a dark garnet red colouring and a fine flavour reminiscent of blackberries and violets. Despite its potency, it is velvety and soft on the... more »

Südtiroler Vernatsch DOC Oberpreyhof

The Vernatsch (Schiava) is a very old autochthonous grape variety. It is a fine, harmonious and fruity red wine with soft tannins and little acidity, making it very digestible and easy to drink. Suitable for every occasion. Drinking... more »

Südtiroler Chardonnay DOC Oberpreyhof

Our Chardonnay is an extremely popular and much-enjoyed white wine. It is characterised by a greenish-yellow colour and a subtle fruity aroma that is reminiscent of pineapple, bananas, apples and citrus fruits. It has a lively, mineral, soft... more »

Südtiroler Goldmuskateller DOC Oberpreyhof

The Goldmuskateller (Moscato Giallo) is a decidedly flavourful white wine. It is straw to golden-yellow in colour. Slightly sweet in flavour and with a pleasing acidity. It is especially suitable as a dessert wine, but also goes extremely... more »


Our family is in possession of historic distilling rights. On this basis we turn marc (fermented skins) produced during pressing into Grappa. The Grappa is distilled twice in the traditional way. more »

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